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Wicked by Jillian Kleine Der Lowe


Sensual Treats

From a good friend and an excellent author comes a magazine for those who want a magazine dedicated to all things romance. This semi-annual magazine not only has excellent short stories but also gives authors an opportunity to demonstrate their talent. This is a magazine worth subscribing to and it is totally free! Please take the time to check it out.

Sensual Treats Web Page

Welcome to Sensual Treats... A new, semi-annual magazine dedicated to Romance and all things romantic. It is our hope to bring you an enticing and exciting variety of articles, entertainment, and interviews with interesting people from the entertainment industry, the publishing world, and authors we think you'd like to get to know better. We'll also introduce you to some talents you might not have met before!

Our first years have been a wonderful success, so Thank You so much to everyone who has been a part of that.... We took an unplanned hiatus after our Spring 2012 issue, due mostly to personal …

John Reinhard Dizon Interview

How long have you been writing?                                            I began writing dialogue for my stick-figure cartoons as a pre-schooler. I started writing sagas on my summer vacations in high school and finally took a shot at getting published in the 70’s. Before the Internet, the cost of mailing queries and manuscripts made it impossible. When I bought my first PC in the 90’s, it was a new ball game.
2. How long have you been a published author?
I finally got the original version of Tiara published in 2003.

What titles do you have available?                          Tiara (2003), Destroyer (2005), Cyclops (2006), Wolfsangel (2008), Penny Flame (2009),  The Standard (2013), Destroyer - 2nd Edition (2013), The Fury (2013), Stxeamtown (2013),