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Interview with author Lorraine Carey

Today I have an interview with seasoned author Lorraine Carey. Read on to learn more about her and the books she has available. 

     1. How long have you been writing?
             For the past 5 years

2. How long have you been a published author? 
            Since 2010

3. What title's do you have available? 
Losing Ground, a short memoir; 

Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn/The Adventures of Dean Banks,  
         a Tween to Young Adult book from publisher XOXO Publishing.

4. What made you choose the subject of this book?
Losing Ground is a short memoir which chronicled some spiritual            events in my life.   

Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn/The Adventures of Dean Banks was written out of my fascination with the mysterious legends that have come out of the area of the Superstition Mountains and the fact that I have lived in the area for some twenty two years. 

5. Do you have any new titles coming soon? 
       Yes, and this one is my "baby". It is called Jonathan's Locket,…

A Peak at Several Stories

Lost to the Night 2

  5 authors in one book of scary, sensual and mysterious stories. For those into erotic and supernatural genre's, this is definitely the book for you!

Victoria's Haunting

Victoria has been a widow for five years. Having lost her husband in a foreign war, she has functioned but not really lived since his death. Strange things are happening in her home now and she has no idea what it is or how to handle it. 

She contacts her best friend Logan and asks for his help in figuring out what might be happening. What Victoria does not know is that Logan has feelings for her that go far beyond just being friends.  

Together through death and a haunting they become closer and Logan has hope that he might one day be able to bring her out of her self induced mourning and start living again. Is Victoria ready to give up on her past and create a new life with a man who lo…