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Interview with Matthew Munson.....................

Today we have an author that comes to us from the United Kingdom. He is Matthew Munson and can be credited with several publications. Read on to learn more about this author.

How long have you been writing?
             Since I was 10. I can be very precise about that, as I remember it quite distinctly; I was in a geography class at primary school, which my teacher knew I hated. To at least keep me in the room, she allowed me to write a story instead of just leaving, and I wrote about a space-faring cowboy who rides up to the moon on a dinosaur.
How long have you been a published author?            For the past three years, ever since I had a piece of flash fiction published in an anthology released by an American publisher. Since then, I’ve gone to have a short story and two full-length novels published.
What titles do you have available?            Imagine came out in November 2010 in an anthology called Daily Bites of Flesh 2011: 365 Days of Horrifying Flash Fiction (by …

The Night the Banshee Came to Visit

Shamus lay in the bed next to his wife, Isobel. They had been together for more than forty years and she had blessed him with two children. The children, Aiden and Cara, were both grown and had families of their own. Shamus loved his life and his family very much.
On this night, Shamus was having trouble sleeping. His muscles ached from working the farm they had lived on most of their married lives and raised their children on. He had hoped that his son would take it over when it was Shamus’ time to pass on but he did not seem to be interested in living out his life as had his father and ancestors. Aiden wanted to live in the city. Once he was old enough, he left the farm and found work in Dublin. So Shamus laid awake worrying what would happen to the family farm once he was no longer able to care for it. He had asked his daughter and her husband but they were not interested either. Finally giving up his worries over the family farm, he cuddled up next to his wife and fell into a rest…

The Ghost of Pere Cheney

The Ghost of Pere Cheney

Dennes and Haley had been married for several months but had not taken a honeymoon. They were both lovers of Halloween and decided to wait until then to take their honeymoon to the northern reaches of Michigan. They agreed that going someplace haunted would be the best honeymoon. After a few months of anxiously waiting, the time had arrived. They were both giddy as a child in a candy store. Little did they know, what was in store for them? 

Arriving in Grayling at the bed and breakfast where they had reservations, the young couple took their belongings into their room and settled in for their week long honeymoon. Haley had done some research before they got married on a place called Pere Cheney. It was an old lumber town that sat outside of Grayling. Deciding to ask the mistress of the bed and breakfast about Pere Cheney, they both went downstairs to dinner. 

At the table sat three other couples aside from themselves. The mistress of the house was Mary. When th…

Punderland by Richard Cotton

The high pitch buzz of my alarm clock woke me. Feeling the top of my head where the man with the hammer was thumping I regretted having all that beer over the weekend. Sitting up on my left elbow I glanced out through the partly open curtains. The sky was a dull gray with thick rain clouds. There was a road hammer pounding away just outside my house making the head ache hurt more and then there was the still buzzing of my alarm clock. 
Turning and pressing the off button to quieten the damn thing I felt like death warmed up. It was going to be one of those days I said to myself. Carefully getting up I shuffled down the stairs one at a time making sure I held the stair rail tightly. Getting a bowl out of the cupboard I filled it with some cereal and milk. The kettle whistled as it told me it was ready to make the one cup of tea that sat in front of me. Taking a chair I sat there looking at the clock to the left of the cupboard full of tin foods. It was ticking too loudly for my liking.…

Maritae and Dryades

Maritae, the Goddess of freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams, laid back against the mountain to admire the beauty of this freshwater falls. Looking down over the waterfall, she admired all that she was charged with protecting. She smiled and closed her eyes, seeing the clear, clean freshness of her water. From a distance, she could hear the wings of a dove flapping over the water. Opening her eyes, she watched as the dove dived into the water looking for food. She watched the dove for a while then proceeded to look up the river. In the distance, she could see a canoe heading downstream and wondered who had ventured into this deserted area.
As the canoe approached, Maritae could see a man paddling furiously. His brow was dotted with sweat and he appeared to be agitated. As he came closer, she hid herself behind a rock. She knew that, once he arrived where she was, his canoe would not be able to go any further since this area was dotted with huge boulders.
Arriving downstream, Maritae …