The Smile by KM Lowe

Today's featured author is KM Lowe and her book "The Smile." Here is a little bit about her and her new book. 

About the Author: 

My name is Kelly, and I am a 28 year old writer. I am a wife to David and mum to Dylan and Tianna. I am a new writer and thoroughly enjoy what I do. My first book 'The Smile', was published in May, and I am over-joyed at receiving great 5 star reviews.

I am a very keen reader and writer, and I love to discuss the books and projects that I work on.

I love spending time with my husband kids. We do a lot of walking and spend quality family days out.


Ashley is loving life, she has a new life in Alaska and is living the dream. After falling in love with her millionaire boss, they are making plans and preparing for their future. That is until her world comes crashing down around her....

Best friends and soul mates, Ash and Dale have some tough decisions to make, they plan to make the most of their life but can they choose to leave the life they know and never look back????

This book is emotional, funny and not what you would expect. I laughed and I cried but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It is book 1 of the series and I am looking forward to the release of book 2.


The Smile by KM Lowe will grab you and keep you sitting until the end. This book is such an intriguing love story. It is about love, relationships, illness and death. The main characters are Ashley and Dale. Ashley has moved to Alaska to begin a new life. She and her former employer Dale fell in love and they have been making plans for their future. Then tragedy strikes. Ashley and Dale need to make some tough decisions. Should they leave the life that they've known and never look back? This book is not what you think it might be. It is both emotional and funny. Once you begin to read it those pages will be turning and they will not stop until you finish reading it. I loved reading it and I know this will be one to be re-read again and again. I gave this book 5 stars but it deserves many more. I look for more from KM Lowe. 

Intriguing love story with that immortal twist. Book two will be an interesting twist :) 'the smile' looks at love, relationships, illness and death.


You can find "The Smile" and the author pages here:


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