The Lila Casey Series by J. Collins

About the Author

 Having read as many paranormal romance and supernatural series as possible, I felt a world developing in my mind and sat in front of my laptop. I'd written many different subjects and genres in the past, but nothing had come together quite like this vampire world I'd begun creating.

The character of Lila Casey is loosely based on me; if I had even a fraction of the guts, determination and sassiness Lila does. My love of all things vampire, and of rock and gothic music, became intertwined with this series, and fueled the hours and hours of writing in the early hours of the morning.

Born and raised in England, I wanted to create something quintessentially English in its language, settings, and humor, and I really hope I have done it justice.

 This book series is dedicated to my wonderful father, who sadly lost his courageous battle with cancer while I was working on the final book.  Lila had many fathers, none of them worth a damn, but mine was amazing.  He was always supportive of my writing, and everything I attempted during my life, and his absence is painfully felt with every waking moment. 
 As I edited the last book, I could see parallels between him and the character Nero, who is, after all, a father to all, and a calming influence for Lila.  He is the father she would have been proud to have. 

For Francis ‘Wally’ Collins:
Daddy, this one’s for you.  Love you forever and miss you every minute.  Always. 

Reviews from this series:  Amazon UK

 "This is the most entertaining book I have read for ages. It made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to the second Lila Casey novel. Would recommend to anyone."
 5 star review on Amazon
for Obsessed (book 1)

 "What a great second book in the series.  Can't wait until I read the next one.  Once you start you can not stop."
 5 star review on Amazon
for Conflicted (book 2)

 "Once again a compulsive read. The characters continue to grow with each book & I will be eagerly awaiting book 5."
 5 star review on Amazon
for Revealed (book 4)

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