Caustic by Yasmin Hawken



The chemical props desperately holding together a defunct society. If you aren’t prescribed them to function, then you are dropping them to escape harsh reality. Water costs the same as rent. A 24/7 society leaves no time for sleep, and your only chance for financial freedom is enslaving yourself to the mega-corporations. Welcome to Seattle.

 Venom is a twenty-something-year-old hacker employed with the illusive Seraphim Network. Her life is simple: wake, work, party, pills, sleep, and repeat. That is, until an illegal data steal gone wrong forces her into the grasp of the newest drug on the market. NeuroPep…a hacker’s dream come true or their final nightmare.

When pushed to the limits, Venom is forced to choose: her friends or the drug?

The Authors:

Yasmin Hawken is a writing collaboration consisting of Kay Hawken and Charlotte Head. The two girls met early in 2015 whilst working a job in care. The two shared a love of console gaming, roleplay and food. They became fast friends.

 Whilst Charlotte was away on holiday Kay started writing a little ficlet about characters they had built together as a gift. That was when the Seraphim Network came to life. On Charlotte's return they started building, world, stories and a whole host of characters. Voices desperate to be heard and stories craving to be told. It became the most exhausting, exhilarating and time consuming activities they had ever embarked on.  

The two girls currently live together in Plymouth with Kay’s husband Dave, his sister Georgie and of course their three guinea pigs; Shadow, Ghost and Lelouche.

Kay Hawken 
Kay grew up in the small town of Torpoint near Plymouth, England. She developed a passion for writing from an early age
After graduating Plymouth University with a BA in Education Studies. Hating the degree she  chose a different route and began work in care. During this time she began work on the Seraphim Network. 

Charlotte Head
Charlotte grew up in Banstead, Surrey, England.  Growing up she showed a talent for creativity and imagination but a lack of focus, dedication and plotting.

After attending Sixth form college she moved to Plymouth to study a Bsc in Applied Psychology. Once graduated she became a care worker and met Kay, the Archangels and a whole world of trouble.

A Few Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 starsFantastic and Different - Loved it from the beginning

5.0 out of 5 starsA Must Read. Great Characters and fabulous storyline.

starsI was very pleased. I felt like the story telling was very ...

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