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Magic of Books Promotions works within an author's budget to present their books to multiple media sites. 

Every book deserves the time to shine and with all the tour services available there is something that fits for everyone. 

Visit our site to see the services available, the authors we've done tours for or signup for a tour and see how simple the email kits are with pre-made FB and Twitter posts and two versions of HTMLs.


Fantastic company. Friendly, professional, and goes out of their way to get the author the most out of their tours!

M.B. Feeney 


From the moment I 'met' Tami Adams online, I loved her dedication to authors. I've never seen anyone put in the hours that she does. I'm from the UK, (8 hours in front of her) and she always makes sure that she's around when I need her. She's been a rock through promoting my books, always pushing herself to 'get them out there'. I can't recommend or thank her enough for everything that she's done for me.

J.C. Clarke ~ Author and graphic designer


 "I have worked with Magic of Book Promotions (Tami Adams) on several occasions. Recently, MOB handled enormous blog tours for Courting the West and Silver Belles & Stetsons. Tami was organized, timely and professional at all times, an author's dream! In essence, Magic of Book Tours is simply awesome to work with! I highly recommend you contact Tami and book your next blog tour today!" 
 ~Keta Diablo (also writing as Cait Braxton)

In my own personal experience with this company, they are easy to work with and put a lot into their promotions. You can't go wrong with them or their willingness to work with their authors to bring them a quality promotion within their budgets. 

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