Featured Author A.L. Jambor

Author of But the Children Survived and the Pello Island Series. A.L. Jambor lives on the west coast of Florida with her husband, Hans.

 Amy Jambor was born in New Jersey. When she was young, she moved to Pennsylvania and in Connecticut, but in1965 she returned to New Jersey. When she was a teenager, she worked in her parents' Carvel Ice Cream store in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey. On those hot summer nights, Amy and her friends fell in love with the music of Bruce Springsteen and would go to the Stone Pony to hear The Boss and the E Street Band play. To this day, her fondest memories are of taking her children to the same places she went to, such as the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, where her parents met in 1938.

All her life, her imagination was working overtime. She started writing while she was in high school, but when she had children, she didn’t write at all. She spent those years collecting life experiences that she has used to infuse her characters with real emotions and situations. During those years, she satisfied her creative urges by cross-stitching intricate patterns or sewing dresses for Barbie and her pals. She never stopped dreaming, though, and one day, while she imagined her granddaughter running down the hallway of her mobile home carrying her little dog, Trixie, But the Children Survived was born.

With the encouragement of a good friend, she finished But the Children Survived and published it under the name A.L. Jambor on Amazon.com. It got good reviews. That experience gave her the courage to do write another book, Pello Island Cassia, the first book in a series. Now her muse won’t let a day go by without inspiring her to bring her characters to life.

Margaret's Choice, Book One of the Tresterian Chronicles is the first book she has written under the name Amy Jambor.

Amy lives in Florida now with her husband, Trixie, and a cat named Sammy.
She loves to hear from her readers. Please take some time to write to her at woofiepublication@gmail.com, or visit her on Facebook and Twitter. She also had a website featuring all the books she's written.

A.L. Jambor Web Page                                                      A.L. Jambor Amazon page 


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