The Coven............Mary Youngblood Author

  • Chapter One

    Arabella exited the plane, caressing her face. She walked to the luggage area to pick hers up and took notice of the differences between here and New York. She felt very much like a fish out of water. Having no family to contact, she decided to rent a car and go straight to the address she had.

    As she got in her car, thanked God for air and GPS. Turning up the air, and keying in the address, she left the parking lot. Following the directions she quickly comes up on a house, looking at it the word house did not begin to describe it. Mansion would be a better word for it, she thought to herself. As she sat in her car she thought, what have I gotten into? Why couldn't I stay with the familiar

    Lost in thought, she didn't see the man walking toward her. Suddenly there was a forceful tap on her window effectively jerking her from her thoughts. She lifted her violet eyes to his, and her mouth dropped when she sees him. It's like she had met him before as her mind  tried to figure out when and how, he opened the door for her. As he reached in to help her, his fingers wrapped around her wrist. His touch was like a jolt of electricity so strong that she fainted.  When she awakens she found herself lying on a bed in a strange room. Jumping up, she panics until she hears his smooth as whiskey voice....

    "Cheré I wouldn't get up to quickly if I were you, don't need you passing out again." Turning to the sound of his voice, she gets another look at him, still getting that sense of familiarity with him.

    "Who are you? And why do I feel like I know you?" Watching him closely, she tried to read his face but he was like a poker player, no emotions showed on his chiseled features.

    Elric tried his best not to show what he was thinking, but with those violet eyes staring him down, it was damn near impossible. "Well, Cheré I couldn't say, maybe we have met." Grinning as he sees sparks flicker in her eyes.

    Anger shoots straight thru her, her fists clenched at her side. Gritting her teeth in an attempt to control herself she said, "What the hell does that mean? I've never been here before, have you been to New York? Because that's where I'm from."

    Barking out a laugh. "No, darlin I've never been there. So I guess we are at a stand still."

    She glared at him as she folded her arms over her chest. "Then perhaps you can explain why I passed out when you touched me?" Just once she wished he would show some emotion, give some indication of how he was feeling. "Well if you can't tell me anything like how we know each other, maybe you can explain how this letter along with this address ended up in the safe deposit boxy of my adoptive parents?"  

    Elric took the letter, looking at her closely. "Safe deposit box you say, hmmm looks like the handwriting of my stepmother." Looking up he locks eyes with her. "You must be the daughter she gave away at a young age."

    If Arabella hadn't been sitting down, she would have fell to the floor. How could her birth mother give her up and marry someone with a child? "Did she raise you?" A feeling of being unwanted and unloved washes over her, tears begin to prick the back of her eyelids. Not wanting him to see her cry, she looked at her feet, vowing she would not ever treat her children like this.

    Feeling the hurt and pain wash over her, she watched as Elric took a step closer to her. "No I was older when she and my father married. I know you probably won't believe this, but she loved you deeply."

    "You're right I don't believe you, she gave me away! The people who adopted me, never loved me. They always criticized me because of my looks and weight!" She couldn't believe he was taking sides with a woman who gave up her own flesh and blood. "If she loved me so damn much, why did she basically throw me away?" The tears she was so desperately trying to keep at bay, begin to fall in earnest.

    Elric tried his best not to touch her, but when the waterworks started he couldn't let her go thru the pain alone. Enfolding her in his arms, the pain she felt was like a knife in his heart. With his empath abilities, he felt what the person he is closest to,  worse when he touches them.


     Chapter Two Excerpt

    Arabella allowed Elric to hold her until she got her emotions under control. While she stood there in Elric's arms she heard the door open. Looking over his shoulder, Arabella could see a woman bearing a strong resemblance to herself in the doorway. Pulling away from him, Arabella immediately stiffened her spine and a look of anger came over her face. She knew this had to be the mother who gave her away. Esmeralda took a tentative step into the room. She could not find the words to say anything to her new found daughter. 

    Arabella looked at her and said, "You must be the mother who gave me away. I hope you are happy as the people who adopted me didn't want me anymore than you did." 

    Arabella then ran from the room as her mother watched with a devastated look on her face. Esmeralda watched as Arabella ran from the room, understanding the anger and hurt she was feeling. She had come home while Elric was holding Arabella in his arms. Seeing the scene before her, Esmeralda knew this must be the daughter she had given up for adoption many years ago. Sniffing she turned to Elric... 

    "She will never accept me, you know this as well as I. She should have never even known about me, it just makes it harder for her." 

    Elric shook his head, two of the most stubborn women on the planet had been in this room. 

    "Essie, if you hadn't left that letter for her, she would have been left to her own devices, you know how powerful she is going to be. What if the Others got to her first? They would have drained her of her powers, then killed her... And that's if she was lucky." 

    "I know, if not for your father saving me when he did they would have gotten to me. God rest his soul, I still love and miss him greatly." 

    "I know you do Essie, so do I. But I'm the head of The Coven now, and Arabella needs to know why you gave her away. I'm going to bring her back, and the three of us are going to sit down and talk this out." 

    Essie waved him on, letting him know where she would be. Watching her step son walk out the same door her daughter did, made her think of how proud Armand would be of his son. Stepping in and taking over The Coven, making sure all was safe and taken car of. 

    What Elric and Arabella did not know was that they were promised to each other. They would marry on Arabella's twenty fifth birthday.


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