Heart of the Mermaid: The Realmwalker Prophecy Book One

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              “I would rather die with you than live without you.”

Lieutenant Rudolph MacTavish was once a pirate. Now, conscripted into service in the Royal Navy, he focuses on his duty and an end to his tenure combating the world he grew up in. But now there is her, an apparent stowaway on his ship – beautiful, vulnerable, and irresistible. All he can think of is protecting her, even if it means turning against his own and joining her on an adventure that could impact all of history.

Trishana of the Mer has a simple mission given to her by her father. Sneak aboard the HMS Ursuline and steal an object that no person should be in possession of. No human, at least. When your father is king of the Mer, you do what he says and never, ever question – and she never did, until HE found her. Strong, kind, and unlike any human she had ever met. How could she even think of betraying her father, and her betrothal, for this man she seems inexplicably drawn to?

Their journey takes them from the blue waters of the Caribbean to the ruins of a long-lost city and pits them against humans, Mer, and monsters alike, with the fate of more than one world in the balance. For if the power that Trish's father seeks falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the end of their world ... and the next.


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