Tuesday, June 28, 2016

From Author Mary Ting....The Angel Knights Series

I climbed on top of huge boulders and jumped from tree to tree to distract the demons. However, it was no use as there were endless numbers of them.

“Everyone, find Milani or me right now.” Eli ordered. “You have five seconds. I’m getting us out of here. Five—four—”

Zach, where are you? I spoke to him through my mind as I pierced a demon with the silver light and then jabbed another to my left with my bow. Who are you close to?


I’m close to Milani. Don’t worry about me. I’ve got Jack. Uncle Davin and Brody are with me. Meet you back home, Zach answered telepathically.

I slid down the tree the way Jack rode his surfboard, with my arms spread out and one leg in front. Just as I landed, Eli went through several trees to reach me. He and I continued to kill several on either side of us. Eli managed to reach me and grabbed my hand, shouting, “ONE!”

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The Chosen Knights
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