The Sensations Collection by L.B. Dunbar

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Individual Books:

Five tales of family love and romance, each themed after one of the five senses. For true romance lovers this is a MUST READ!

 Sensations Collection –
Five tales of family love and romance, each themed after one of the five senses. Visit the small town of Elk Rapids and meet the Carters and the Scotts.

Sound Advice – 

Jess Carter is a brooding figure: reserved and hardworking. He’s a single father to a daughter with a secret he hasn’t been able to solve. Along comes Emily Post, granddaughter to a respected figure in the small community and famous advice columnist on etiquette. When this sound system repairman encounters the well-meaning girl from Chicago, questions arise, boundaries confuse, and advice on taking a risk might lead to love.

Taste Test –

 Ethan Scott has lost everything: his scholarship, his education, and his way. Forced to return home when he should be completing his senior year, he finds a job at the home of a reclusive novelist on Lake Michigan. Intending to follow his passion for cooking, he wasn’t expecting the beastly attitude of his employer’s tragically scarred niece, Ella Vincentia. Suddenly, Ethan is in for the challenge of his life.

Fragrance Free – 

The illustrious horror novelist, Jacob Vincent, has had to live with some dark demons of his own. Finding refuge on the wooded shores of Lake Michigan; he’s led a dual life, keeping his hardworking personal assistant within flirting distance. Pam Carter, on the other hand, is no longer interested in one-night stands and wayward relationships, thus making Jacob her greatest temptation. In a struggle of wills, Pam learns that changing her destiny might be the only way to free herself. The scent of freedom could also be the fragrance of love.

Touch Screen – 

Gavin Scott is the prodigal son. When he left Elk Rapids, he never intended to return. On the brink of success as a budding movie director, his premiere is at Traverse City Film Festival, forcing him back to where it all started. It isn’t only this small town celebration that brings back memories, though. It’s Britton McKay, his recurring teenage summer love. Summers of exploration led to the greatest love of his life. Now, he wants a second chance. Could Britton’s secret be the key to caress this small screen director’s heart? [Male POV only]

Sight Words – 

Youngest of the Carter family, Tricia’s been waiting her turn for a shot at love. As a teacher, who knew it would start on a school basketball court? Leon Ramirez wishes all he had to do was sink basketballs all day, but he has a family to protect, jobs to work, and eyes for the feisty small town teacher. Their world’s couldn’t be more opposite, as an adult member of a gang, his status forces him to hide out in Elk Rapids for a short time. There is more than a score to be settled for these two, but words might be the healing power.

Join the Carters and the Scotts of Elk Rapids in these small town, sexy sweet stories. It’s traditional romance at its finest: heartwarming and heart wrenching.

Small town. Big hearts.


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