Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Lila Casey Series by J. Collins

              Lila Casey has always been fascinated with vampire fiction, an escape from an average day-to-day life. A chance meeting with gorgeous Adam Drake plunges Lila into a world of real-life vampires, passion, true love... and danger... 

Because unfortunately another, deadlier, vampire has taken a shine to Lila, and he'll stop at nothing to hunt her down, his plans for her darker and more evil than anything she could imagine. Now it's up to Adam and his friends to protect Lila while they try to hunt the hunter, and save her from her hideous fate. 

Can they find him before he finds her?

Traumatized and haunted after her kidnap and torture ordeal, Lila tries to move on and live her new life with her vampire boyfriend Adam and her new friends. 

The hunt for a vampire Creator to make her immortal suffers serious obstacles though, particularly when Stig returns to up his game, endangering everyone she loves, turning friend against friend, until it's impossible to know who to trust and how to survive his next attack. 

Will Stig succeed in capturing Lila again, fulfilling his contract once and for all, or will Lila, Adam and their friends be able to pull together in time to stop him forever?

              Stig is dead at last. The future should be rosy from here on in, but while Lila and Adam try to focus on their future, on finding a Creator to give her immortality, Tatum's rapid descent into madness threatens everything. 

Because unfortunately, there's nothing more dangerous than a vampire losing control. Especially one like him, one who feels they have nothing left to lose. 

Can they keep Tatum from the edge? Can they find a Creator? And if they do... will Lila survive the Transition and become a vampire at last?

              After being hunted by a psycho vampire, and rescuing a dear friend from the brink of madness, surely at last Lila and Adam can focus on the future, and begin learning more about Lila's new abilities. 

As ever, there's an obstacle... or two. Unfortunately, this time someone is after Adam, and everyone is deathly afraid of THIS vampire! Combined with Lila's past rearing its ugly head, there's plenty to contend with as they fight to survive these new challenges. 

Can Lila learn her new powers in time to save the ones she loves from an evil she can't even begin to imagine? And, even if she does, will life ever be the same again?

              "I'm a vampire. It's time I started acting like one!" With this declaration, Lila had big plans to change everything, and put a stop to the biggest evil they've ever faced, while conveniently saving Adam in the process. It won't be that easy, of course. There is a formidable task ahead. Adam may be forever changed, and she may no longer be able to trust him. In this final installment, Lila faces the evil everyone fears, with nothing but her feisty nature and the powers she has yet to master. Can they rally up their family one last time to take out the biggest threat they've faced, and maybe, just maybe, get their peace at last, or will this be the end of Lila's very short life as a vampire? And with one betrayal after another, will anyone survive the fallout?

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